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Our Team


We speak 110 languages from the 12 continents, have a cumulated experience of three centuries and work an average of 60 hours per night. Our hobbies include dancing with whales, making iron poteries, and filming non moving objects. We're perfectly normal but not very creative.

Alban De Menonville

"Et sinon, on fait quoi d'autre?" Managing Director



Alban is co-founder and Managing Director of Bassita. After graduating from McGill University, Alban moved to Egypt more than a decade ago and fell in love with the country. Alban handles sponsorship and communications, expanding Bassita’s network of collaborators and the different levels on which Bassita operates. He loves coffee and is obsessed with finding the perfect shade of blue.

Salem Massalha

"I'm not doing it again!" Director of Innovation



Salem co-founder and Head of Innovation at Bassita. He is the embodiment of a cultural melting pot. He is of Middle Eastern origins, was born and raised in Paris, and completed his university studies in Montreal, Canada. Salem is bursting with passion for almost all social causes. He has a soft spot for animals he comes across at markets and can’t help but buy them to find them a home.

Shehab El-Dien Salah

"It looks better in a mirror."
Artistic Director



Shehab is Bassita’s head designer and web developer. He turned from computer science education to working in the creative media field from 7 years now, so he knows how to visually translate our shining ideas! He loves to work in a quite environment and has a wonderful white shepherd.

Mona El Kateb

"I'm only reporting on future activities" Program Manager



Mona is a Project Manager with an academic background in development studies. She has an MSc in Human Rights from the London School of Economics and is passionate about a variety of social causes in Egypt, in particular women and minority rights. She loves pasta and does not like pizza.

Mostafa Habib

"Call me by your name."
Program Manager



Mostafa is the co-founder and Project Manager of VeryNile. He is in charge of media relations for Bassita and works hard to ensure that campaigns reach the furthest possible audience. He has years of experience in the media industry and understands the importance of merging creativity with logistical efficiency. Mostafa has a cool backpack which is shaped like a gameboy.

Hanaa Farouk

"Cause I care!"
Cause Manager



Hanaa is the Cause Manager at Bassita. She is a focal point with developmental organizations and NGOs. Hanaa has more than 25 years of experience in the media and television industry. She loves her dog, Cherie, and sweets!



Besbes is the office cat and one of the most treasured members of the Bassita team. He is Head of Cuddles, in charge of spreading love and always welcoming our partners who come for a visit.