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Bassita has a long-term collaboration with the NGO Safarni to raise awareness about the benefits of migration and to promote social cohesion through a combination of content creation and on-ground activities. In previous years, the joined forces have targeted migrant and Egyptian children of all ages, organizing workshops and activities to highlight their commonalities. Programs also include the parents of children in order to highlight diversity as a strength and to solidify changed perspectives in homes and communities. Bassita and Safarni have worked in various different areas of Cairo, with a major project implemented in Ard ElLewa.

About Safarni
Safarni is an intercultural educational initiative implementing activities in Egypt since 2012. Safarni supports communities to increase awareness on social cohesion through intercultural interaction, acceptance, and cohesiveness. They developed an ‘imaginative travel adventure’ methodology that provides children with a positive platform to connect with, cooperate with, and learn to appreciate cultural diversity of migrants living in Cairo.
Safarni methodology empowers local migrant communities, and restores their dignity by providing them a safe space to share their culture and to feel heard and appreciated by host communities. Safarni also engages local communities, especially parents and local educators, to ensure community support and sustainability of positive attitudes towards diversity.
Bassita is proud to support Safarni in their developments and collaborate with them on projects. Through this collaboration we have promoted social cohesion and diversity in the areas of Ard El Lowa and Alexandria by providing training and travel experience simulations to many children.