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Clickfunding is an innovation by Bassita which allows social media users to raise funds for positive initiatives simply by interacting with an awareness campaign. Campaigns are associated with sponsors - the more social media users comments, share, and like a campaign, the more funds sponsors provide for the initiative. Through its innovation, Bassita has raised more than $700,000 with the help of more than 12 million social media users.

UNICEF Water for Life
This campaign entailed creating, developing, and implementing the most viral campaign online campaign in Egypt in 2016. It was created to support UNICEF to fund more water connections to people in Egypt. At the time,1.5 homes in Egypt and 7 million people did not have access to clean and safe water.
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One Click to Move
This campaign was in collaboration with the local NGO ‘Helm’ and aimed to raise awareness about people with disabilities, their rights, and their particular needs. The campaign highlighted that education is a right for all, and thus should be accessible. It succeeded in making Cairo University more accessible for disabled students.
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