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‘The world is quickly changing. Everyday new problems arise, meaning that everyday new solutions need to be innovated. We are committed to evolving with the times.’

Salem Massalha
Co-Founder of Bassita

Bassita is a social enterprise specialized in awareness & fundraising for positive initiatives.

Bassita initiates, develops, and implements online and on-ground awareness activities through developing partnerships with a large range of stakeholders, including media, governmental entities, NGOs, UN and development agencies, as well as private sector companies.

Bassita is comprised of a young, multicultural, development oriented team that is constantly working to change the world, sometimes one click at a time. Bassita constantly innovates, tweaks, and improves solutions to maximise its impact while prioritising sustainability - its impact has to be long-lasting and maintainable.



“It's the simplest ideas that are often the most revolutionary and Bassita
seems the embodiment of that”

“Bassita launched the biggest campaign in the region against
sexual harassment.”

“Bassita is an amazing startup that I am proud to support”

“A startup revolutionizing social media”

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